Do you sometimes feel as if you’re carrying your salon alone? 

Do you wish you could take a step back and trust the everyday running of your salon to your staff while you work on developing the business you’re passionate about? 

Even if you have a successful, busy salon, if you feel like you’re stuck on a never-ending treadmill, it’s not working for you.

Get off the treadmill and make some changes!

The You can double, triple or more your salon income without having to work harder yourself – but you need the tools, the systems and the staff members if you want to maximise salon profit. nt to know about creating a website from scratch, from design to implementation.

Minutes from now you’ll make a decision that could alter the course of your life and salon forever.

Introducing iSalon Mastermind - a virtual learning centre created for successful salon owners who want to take their business up a gear.

Membership of the iSalon Mastermind gives you access to inspirational videos, downloadable content, and exercises all tailored to your salon business. It also introduces you to like-minded salon business owners who work with you to help you achieve your business goals.

So what’s holding you back?

You're Too Busy

Between working all day, raising a family, trying to have a social life. All of us are busy, we all have the same hours in the day. But mastering whats important and how best to spend your time, is the key

Money Worries

Thinking that spending more money to find a solution is wasting money? You know that you must do something and time is precious. Investing in YOU and saving time is money well spent. Remember nothing changes if you you do not change your situation.

Lack Of Support

You will be surrounded by salon owners who all want you to succeed. They will mentor you and you mentor them. It's a changing world and we have a tribe of salon owners that are willing to change their lives too.

Fear Of The Unknown

It will be different to anything you have ever done. But it is so worth the journey. This is a life changing decision that will impact you and your family for ever.

How is the iSalon Mastermind different from other business coaching programmes?

Unlike most other online salon programs that teach you what you need to do to run a successful salon, iSalon Mastermind shows you EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT TOO.

  • It’s just for successful salon business owners who are already making a living but want more money and a better work-life balance. 
  • It teaches you effective ways to introduce salon systems for your business and staff that will revolutionise the way you work. 
  • It will inspire you to create a productive, happy workforce, who want your business to succeed as much as you do. 

You are not alone!

I know where you’ve been, I’ve started four salon businesses myself and I KNOW the challenges you face. I set the iSalon Mastermind up as a community because I know it’s much easier to learn when you can bounce ideas off people who understand you, and hold you accountable. 

Results-driven training.

So, what can the iSalon Mastermind do for you? 


I can help people just like you to make more money and free up more time.

I’ve made the iSalon Mastermind available to salon owners from all over the world, and I encourage them to work together and hold each other accountable for the tasks set in the coursework. 

My insights and experience working with people JUST LIKE YOU have created some impressive results. I’ll help you get to the root of the problems which are stopping your salon making more money, and give you the solutions that help you to move past them and achieve the next level of salon success. 

“Thank you for your help and support this year…I’ve made more money in the last5 months than I used to do in a year!” - Shauna Hough, Roots Company, Bundaberg. 

“Richard teaches very easy to follow steps that make me feel that I have a snap shot of how healthy my business is. I feel iSalon coaching is changing me to run a more successful business.” - Julie Lee - The Nail and Beauty Lounge, United Kingdom. 

There are five specially tailored modules designed to take you through every aspect of improving your business. We start with working out where you are now, and take you through to where you need to be. 

Everything from marketing and attracting clients, to dealing with complaints, making the salon visit a VIP experience and setting targets and roles for your team is covered in detail. 

How does a Mastermind work?

  • You can meet up online with other salon business owners to work on challenges together. 
  • It’s a safe place where you can discuss your salon’s issues, give advice, share connections and even do business with people who understand and support you. 
  • You already know how important a good business network is. By joining a mastermind, you instantly add to your network and can also join the networks of those in the group with you. 
  • The other amazing benefit of being part of a Mastermind group is accountability. When you talk to others about your goals, you are far more likely to achieve them. 

Ready to see how the iSalon Mastermind program all fits together?

MODULE ONE- The V.I.P policy

In this module, you will clearly identify what standards you will and will not stand for. You role as a salon owner is tough enough without lowering your standards. So in this first module we will try to establish a guidline for you, we will try and reassure you that there are people you are not meant to serve (do life with), and some that you are. Your role is to identify the ones that you are meant to serve.

MODULE TWO- Meetings

Now that you have decided to take on the isalon Mastermind coaching program you need to organise a time to meet with your staff to show them how you want things done in your salon.You're going to learn lots of new ways to do things in the coming months and you're going to have to test these new systems to find out how many work in your salon, so you and your staff are going to sit down about once a week and try and figure out what works best for your salon.

MODULE THREE-Time Management

So you've got plenty of action points but you've still got to deliver to your customers and answer the phones and email, think of content for your next newsletter and manage the school run. How are you going to fit it all in? Overwhelm and time management are two of the most common issues facing small business owners and this module helps you utilise some practical tools to help improve sense of control.

MODULE FOUR- Leadership and Vision

Vision generates tremendous energy, excitement, and passion, because people feel they are making a difference. They know what they are doing and why. There is a strong sense of trust and respect. Managers don’t try to control, but rather let others assume responsibility, because people know they are part of an aligned whole. People assume responsibility for their own actions.

MODULE FIVE- Benchmarking

You as the leader must provide an environment that makes understanding your salons core principles easy with simple rules to follow. By setting these standards it brings people together, harmonizing the group as one, aligned with each other, with a common set of guidelines that everyone understands and there will be no exceptions.The goal here is simple: rules keep the salon in check, everyone's happy; life in the salon is good.


The Position Agreement is an effective management tool that helps create a solid foundation for managers and employees to work together. Alternately this postion agreement is where you describe what is expected of them, so you can use if when standards fall, as you will be reprimanding the fall in standards and not the person. It leaves no grey area of what is expected of them at your salon.


What you don't know WILL hurt you.

Your goals are only as important as your willingness to stay the course. If you get distracted, most of the time you’ll diminish the likelihood of reaching a goal. The best way to stay on top of your goals is to create key strategic indicators to help you stay on track, giving you a way of regularly measuring your progress.


Your secret weapon- your scorecard. We want RIGHT NOW results. We want the magic pill. Instant gratification has taken over our lives and it needs to stop.If you want something, it is going to take time, and effort repeated over and over again for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or even 10 years! Stop thinking you deserve it right this instant. You don’t. If you want it, you must put in the work, day in and day out.


THREE WAYS TO GROW YOUR SALON. Most people grow their salons in one direction, because they get fixated in only one way, growing more clients. But, if you grow clients and you focus on increasing the size of the client spend and you increase the frequency of each clients visits, you increase your revenue and income by 100%, 200% or more.

MODULE SIXTEEN - Performance reviews and appraisals

KPIs, performance reviews and appraisals help employees know how they have been doing and what further development or training they need to do to improve. Reviews should be available to all staff. Use the performance and development agreement plan to outline your employee's expected performance standards and goals as well as skills improvement.

MODULE SEVENTEEN- Employee Performance Pay Structure

One of the most important business success indicators is whether or not salon owners reward employees based on individual performance. How you pay your employees has a lot to do with how they perform. Whenever possible, employees should be compensated based on their performance. 

MODULE SEVENTEEN BONUS- How To Set Up A Bonus Scheme For Salon Team Building

A good, fair and well-designed bonus scheme can be a perfect way to increase your staff’s productivity and so your bottom line. If you decide to set one up, what do you need to consider? A team-based environment is the best one for ensuring longevity with your staff.


The importance of the Client Journey

The client journey mapping encourages you to look at the entire lifecycle of a client — identifying every point of contact between you and them. The touch points that occur and you will master will incease your client average bill with ease. It will also increase the life time of a client with your salon. But most importantly, it will brand your salon to be not only the best in town but a salon that no one can copy. It's your salon success model.


Keep In Touch Strategy.Email is a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media. Almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Learn how to collect clients Emails and talk to your clients, getting your clients to visit your salon more often is the most under utilised money making strategy ever, It will have a massive effect on your profits and once you know the sectret to getting your clients to visit sooner, keeping them loyal and STOP losing them. Your salon will be the busiest in town.

MODULE TWENTY FOUR - PoliciesAand Procedures Manual

One of the key management success tools is a professional up to date Policies and Procedures Manual. Every salon owner knows this. All what you have learnt will be building to this. A real live salon policy. A 'this is how we do it in your salo' book. This will be the cornerstone to growing your team and salons. This tool will be how you McDonandise your salon, so its perfect every time.

Bonus Modules

  • Refferals- In the salon business, referrals are everything. According to some studies about 80 percent of salon owners say most of their clients are from referrals. But it’s safe to say most salons aren’t effectively getting referrals. In this post we’ll explore how to implement a referral program and increase referrals for your salon.

  • Complaints- At some point, everyone in business has to deal with an upset client. The challenge is to handle the situation in a way that leaves the customer thinking you operate a great company. If you’re lucky, you can even encourage him or her to serve as a passionate advocate for your brand.

  • Retail Sales- Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude. Many Hair Stylists and Salon Owners ask “how can I increase salon retail sales?” Meanwhile, you cringe at the word “selling,” and repeatedly tell yourself, “i hate selling.”

  • Mystery Shopper- Mystery shopping is designed to provide salon owners with valuable information that they may use to improve their business, service or product. Because the purpose of mystery shopping is to provide an unbiased opinion on how the salon is running the owner can see what is happening from a clients perspective.

  • Holiday Request Forms- Be in control of your staffs holidyas, no more saying yes under pressure to only remeber that you wanted to say no.

  • Interview - Learn the secrtets to choosing the right staff, what to look out for and the secret you should know.

  • Setting A Salon Culture - culture is the way you Think, Act and Interact, it’s what the public see, hear and feel about your salon”. Get this right and you will atract clients and staff at will.

  • Stock Control- One of the best areas to get you earning more moeny. Salons cannot function without these resources and it's your role to master stock and how it's utilized in your salon.

  • Accident Report Book- The main purpose of an accident book is to record work-related injuries in the workplace.This is YOUR protection agaist staff taking advantage of you.

  • Staff Training Manual- Your team is amazing. It works at the highest level of efficiency and reacts responsively at lightning speed in every situation. At times where additional effort is required, your team members step in and out of one another's roles deftly and at a moment's notice. With staff good becoming harder and harder to find. It has never before been so imprtant to breed your own, but also to re train and encourage your current staff to always be growing.

Free up your time while earning more money! 

Book a chat NOW and I’ll talk you through it – it’s FREE and we can see if the iSalon Mastermind is perfect for you.

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